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Title: The Feathered Dragon’s Wish
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Pairings: forthcoming Atemu x Yuugi x Jounouchi
Rating: M for shounen ai
Warnings: angst, melodrama and sap
Summary: (end of series ‘fix-it’) Yuugi’s leading the life of his dreams: he’s going to college, he has an amazing boyfriend and wonderful friends. Things are about to change when he realizes his feelings for his best friend have turned into love; what does that say about his own relationship and how is he going to deal with it?
Author's Notes: Feedback is a great thing.

“Yuugi-kun, what’s going on? Why…” his mother’s voice trailed off when Yuugi passed by the kitchen, his face looking like a thundercloud. He ignored his mother rudely and instead took the stairs up to his bedroom in the attic. He all but flopped on the bed and tried to get his breathing under control. He was so angry! He balled his hand into a fist and punched his pillow. What a mess! How could Atemu reject this? How could he be so blind to the happiness right in front of his eyes? He punched the pillow again. Ironically enough, he longed for Atemu’s arms around him; the warm, reassuring presence of his Pharaoh next to him, the calmness and comfort he radiated. More so, Yuugi wanted to feel his lips against his skin, breathing soft words, making him feel loved and wanted.

“Asshole,” Yuugi mumbled, but he wasn’t sure if he was talking about himself or Atemu. He was grateful for being left alone at the moment; he didn’t feel like sitting at the kitchen table and pretending to have a nice dinner. His stomach was too cramped up to deal with food anyway. He heaved a sigh. Maybe a few days apart would help to take a breather from the rollercoaster of emotions. He didn’t like the thought of it. His heart felt empty, his soul felt… lifeless. Atemu was the other half of his soul, he simply couldn’t live without him. What was going to happen? His relationship had been so good, nothing but perfect. Had he ruined everything with his own hands? Talking about hands… someone had put his hand on top of his and for the briefest of moments, Yuugi thought it was Atemu… but the skin tone was pale and the fingers didn’t wear any rings. He gasped, startled.

“I’m sorry, but I called your name a couple of times,” Jounouchi apologized. “You were completely zoned out. What happened..?” From the look on his face, he had already guessed what had happened. Yuugi explained it to him briefly and Jounouchi heaved a similar sigh.

“That was what I was so afraid of,” he said. “I’m so sorry, Yuugi. I...”

“Don’t even think of taking all the blame on you,” Yuugi growled. “We’re adults. We can work this out.”

“We can’t, Yuugi. I know it ruins your picture perfect, but I think it’s time to step back. I hate to see you fight with Atemu. You two belong together more than life itself, than just simple ol’ me thrown into the mix. You’re the two halves…”

“I’m getting sick and tired of the ‘two halves of the same soul’ bullshit,” Yuugi said crudely, even though he had thought it himself earlier.

“You don’t mean that and you know it,” Jounouchi said sternly. “Atemu has every right to say no, Yuugi. How would you feel like when… oh, let’s just say it out loud… the situation was reversed and he came home with Kaiba, telling you to either accept it or to butt out?”

“That’s not how I told him,” Yuugi said defensively. “He’s forcing me to make a choice, not the other way around!”

“I don’t think it’s wise to play any blame game or to point accusing fingers at anyone,” Jounouchi said. “As it is, you and Atemu are fighting and I’m the third, invasive party. It doesn’t call for a master strategist to see who should be retreating.”

“Jounouchi-kun, please don’t go,” Yuugi said, grabbing his hands.

“It could’ve been a dream, but instead it turned into a nightmare,” Jounouchi said, downtrodden. “You’re fighting with the other half of your soul. I lost the friendship of someone I love and respect very much, as I’m sure Atemu doesn’t want to see me again, ever.”

“It just can’t end like this,” Yuugi said, voice hitching. “We should be together, all three of us, instead of fighting. After that night…”

“I’ll always remember that night,” Jounouchi said. “It may not have been worth it, as it escalated everything, but still… to see him like that, to touch him like that… it was the most wonderful night of my life. But the price has been too high, Yuugi.”

“I’m so mad at him,” Yuugi said. “He… he all but claimed that we seduced him, that it was our fault!”

“I don’t think Atemu blames anyone of us specifically.” Jounouchi didn’t look at Yuugi. “He’s upset. You’re upset. I’m upset too, but let’s try to keep our heads clear, alright? We don’t want to make it any worse than it already is.”

“So I’m the only immature person around here.” Yuugi winced at the petulant sound of his voice. He wanted to cry.

“You’re not. Like I said, you’re upset. It’s not about being right or wrong, immature or mature. Emotions are involved, and those are very personal.”

“I just can’t believe he won’t give us a chance.”

“What would you like him to do, Yuugi? Accept it all even though he really doesn’t want to? What good would that bring to your relationship, our relationship? You can’t force people.”

“I know.” It was impossible to keep the tears at bay. “I’m so incredibly selfish..!”

Jounouchi hugged him. “I wanted this to work out so bad, believe me… but now it’s for the better if we calm down and give ourselves some space and time to think. I’m the one who should be leaving.”

“N-no,” Yuugi sobbed between tears.

He hugged him closer. “I’ll find a place on my own. I don’t want to overstay my welcome, and I have the feeling I already have. You belong with Atemu, first and foremost. Where I fit in this picture, only time and the future will tell. That’s it, Yuugi. That’s what it is right now.”

Yuugi had no words left. He wanted to return the hug and kiss Jounouchi, he wanted to scream at him to not leave… but he only reveled in the hug and hated himself for being such a passive, weak person. Jounouchi kissed him on his brow, a feather-light brush of his lips against his skin.

“I’ll start my search for an apartment tomorrow,” he said. “No matter what happens, I’ll always love you.”

“I always love you too,” Yuugi whispered in return and held back another wave of tears as Jounouchi got up and left the bedroom. He had wanted to ask him to stay, but it didn’t feel right.


The room was decorated with priceless, original paintings from the 17th and 18th century, with exclusive furniture to match. It wasn’t Jounouchi’s taste, he thought it was pompous, tacky; he doubted Kaiba had chosen this interior decoration himself, though. He probably never had seen this room from the inside as it was just a space for guests to be parked until it pleased Kaiba to receive them. It wasn’t Kaiba who he was looking for today, of course. Jounouchi could hear a female voice ringing out: “Your visitor waits here, Mutou-sama.”

Mutou-sama, of course. Without a doubt, Atemu would feel right at home with servants trailing behind him. To Jounouchi, it had the opposite effect; it made him feel uncomfortable and weird. The door went open and Atemu entered, his eyes immediately focusing on Jounouchi.

“Good afternoon, Atemu,” Jounouchi greeted him.

“Good afternoon, Jounouchi-kun,” he said in return.

The maid stood to his right, awaiting orders. “Tea for the both of us,” Atemu instructed her, with half an eye on Jounouchi. He didn’t protest. Tea was a good choice.

“You look well,” Jounouchi said after the maid had left. Atemu’s cheeks colored slightly, as if he was embarrassed by the compliment. As he hadn’t been home for at least three days, Kaiba had bought new clothes for him (or somehow made sure he got a new outfit), and not something out of a common department store. No, this was completely tailored to his size and statue, and it fit him tremendously well. All high-end brands and hand-made, this was something that Jounouchi could never afford to give him. It wasn’t a display of wealth to intimidate or to anger him, this was simply a lifestyle that stressed the differences between them. A Pharaoh and a pauper. He wasn’t the third piece to Atemu’s soul. Perhaps love wasn’t going to conquer all, no matter how much he wished for it.

“Thank you for visiting me,” Atemu said and made an inviting gesture to sit down. Jounouchi obeyed and picked a chair randomly. “How is everything at home?”

“Everyone misses you,” Jounouchi blurted out. That certainly wasn’t beside the truth. “Everyone wants you to come home, preferably right now.”

Atemu lowered his eyes, mulling over his words when the maid came back and served tea. When she was gone again, Jounouchi picked up his cup to keep his hands busy. Atemu reached for his cup as well, but decided against it at the last moment and laced his fingers together in an almost Kaiba-esque fashion.

“I would like to come home,” he said.

“I’ve found an apartment in the Yanamuchi district,” Jounouchi said. He cherished hope briefly that Atemu would protest and tell him not to leave, but no such words came over the former Pharaoh’s lips. “I’ll be moving out tomorrow morning. I’m very sorry about what happened. I want you to know that I still regard you as my friend, no matter what you might think of me now. There’s something you must realize, though.”

Jounouchi heard his own tone of voice and it sounded a little menacing to him. Sure enough, Atemu frowned and narrowed his eyes. But this was something important, and he had to say it.

“I’m still going to see Yuugi at university. We’re taking a lot of classes together. We’ll be doing projects together and we’ll graduate together. That’s something that won’t change; we’ve been a part of each other’s lives for so long. I don’t want to give that up. Please, let me finish. What I’m trying to say is, that I’ll be still in contact with Yuugi: as a fellow student, as a friend. Not as a lover. We’re not having sex behind your back. We’re not planning to continue a relationship in secret. We haven’t been intimate. We don’t keep anything hidden. I need you to trust us on that.”

Atemu finally reached for his tea cup and held it between his long, slender fingers, sloshing the liquid. Neither one was drinking the exquisite blend. “I have never forbidden you or Yuugi to see each other,” he said, but his words came out strained.

“Yes, that’s true, you never have. We’re both very grateful for that. It’s just something that I wanted you to know. We need to have your trust.”

“You have it,” Atemu said, but not after an ominous moment of silence. His voice was unwavering.

“Please come home,” Jounouchi pleaded. “Right now. Tonight there’s a special dinner, Yuugi’s mother insisted on it. I want to say goodbye to you in a festive manner, not with all this resentment and anger.”

“I do not resent you, Jounouchi-kun.” Atemu’s eyes rested upon him, examining.

“I’m glad to hear that. No, don’t deny it, you’re not appreciative of me right now. I understand - I don’t care if you blame me. I just want you to be with Yuugi again and reinforce your relationship with him. You can stop thinking about me, even if I’m still in Yuugi’s life. I’ll stay in the background. You have my personal word that nothing will happen between me and Yuugi. It means the world to me if you’d be at dinner with us tonight.”

Atemu sipped his tea, which had to be lukewarm by now. Jounouchi waited in suspense; a wave of relief went through him when Atemu nodded. “I will let Kaiba know about my departure. I will be at home before dinnertime.”

That was all that Jounouchi was asking for. He put the teacup down, not having tasted the brew. He got up from his chair as he had nothing else to add, lest he was afraid to ruin things even more. “Give Kaiba my regards,” he said stiffly, “as he didn’t have his personnel throw me out when I rang at the door.”

“Kaiba does respect you,” Atemu said, rising as well, “in his own way. I respect you too, Jounouchi-kun.”

But you don’t see me as a life partner. It hung unspoken in the air. Jounouchi nodded, not knowing what else to do. “I’ll see you at dinnertime.”

Atemu didn’t confirm again, but Jounouchi was confident that he was going to show up. He hesitated between telling Yuugi right now or to keep it as a surprise. More importantly, Atemu had said that he had his trust, so he trusted him to come home this evening.


The last few days had been the unhappiest of Mutou Yuugi’s life. He paced back and forth in his bedroom, having been send upstairs like a small child. His grandfather had told him to get out of the Game Shop as he chased away customers with his sour and negative attitude. His mother didn’t want to have his moping face around in the kitchen either and flat-out send him to his room. It was for the better; he didn’t feel like interacting with anyone anyway. The news that Jounouchi had found an apartment had hit him hard. Secretly, he had hoped that Jounouchi couldn’t find one so he’d have to stay with the Mutou family; he also knew that it was his selfishness talking.

He was rather surprised by that latest discovery about himself; since when had he become so focused on his own wants and needs, prioritizing that above everyone else’s? Why was he acting like this? And why… most of all… why had he become mad at the man he loved with more than his heart and soul, and tried to enforce him into a relationship that he obviously didn’t want? Jounouchi was right, of course. If Atemu came home with Kaiba and told Yuugi to take it or leave it, he would’ve been deeply hurt and upset as well. Despite seeing Kaiba as a friend, Yuugi wouldn’t want him as a part of their relationship and certainly not as a lover. Atemu viewed Jounouchi as a good friend, but not as a lover. He had said it out loud, but Yuugi had refused to listen; he had only wanted to hear a “yes, aibou, of course I welcome Jounouchi-kun in our relationship” and everything would be peace and paradise from there.

He truly was the immature one here. Yuugi sat down on his bed again. What was he supposed to do now? Jounouchi would leave soon; the Yanamuchi district wasn’t that bad, but the rent was easier affordable because the district was so far removed from the center of the city. Still, it was a place of his own and Jounouchi had been right about this as well; it was better to take a little distance. It wasn’t going to solve things, of course… Yuugi supported his head with his hands. What a mess, and he was the one responsible for it. His mother’s reached him from down below, it wasn’t like her to talk this loudly, this excited. “Yes, he’s upstairs!” Yuugi shot up straight. Could it be..? His heart beat faster as he heard footsteps on the stairs. A gentle, even stride. Holding his breath, Yuugi stared at the door. A knock, and Atemu pushed the door open.

“Mou hitori no boku!” Yuugi took a sprint and flung himself into the other’s arms, his movement so brusque that he slammed the both of them against the door. He pressed kisses all over his face. “I missed you so much!”

Atemu didn’t protest. “I missed you too,” he said, or that was all he could say between the thunderstorm of kisses. Yuugi stroked his hair, touched his cheeks and neck.

“Are you all right? Have you eaten well? Slept well?”

“All my needs were taken care of at the Kaiba Mansion,” Atemu said and returned the touches, fingers brushing Yuugi’s cheek. “But no one could take care of me like you would. I missed you so much. Your eyes, your smile... nothing or no one could ever replace that.”

Yuugi tilted his head and pursed his lips for a kiss, happy when he was rewarded with one. He was ‘aibou’ again, not ‘Yuugi’, which sounded so horribly wrong out of Atemu’s mouth. He slipped his arms around him, fingers clutching at the fabric of his shirt. He pulled the expensive garment out of the waistband of Atemu’s pants and crinkled the fabric, eager to touch the warm, tan skin underneath. He wanted to say a lot, from ‘never leave me’ to ‘I can’t live without you’, but the words stuck in his throat as he was too busy kissing and being kissed. Atemu wrapped his arms around him, one hand sinking immediately into his hair and Yuugi all but climbed him like a tree.

They were a couple of steps removed from the bed and Yuugi had worked Atemu out of his shirt even before he was unceremoniously dumped on the mattress. He didn’t know how fast to take his own shirt off and when his fingers started on his belt buckle, Atemu stopped him by putting his hand over his. Yuugi looked up at him, insecure; didn’t Atemu wanted to proceed? But then he saw the smoldering, lustful look in the other’s eyes and he withdrew his hand, so Atemu could unbuckle the belt. His fingers right there, stroking and dipping lower, touching him teasingly - it was almost too much to bear. Yuugi’s body was already overloading from the sensations and when Atemu agonizingly slow pulled his pants down after undoing the buckle, he was nearly begging him.

“Just skip it, mou hitori no boku!” he cried out and kicked with his legs to get the offensive garment out of the way. Nothing mattered but Atemu on top of him, his warm body against his, his breath washing all over him, his voice drifting towards him, words barely reaching his ears and he could’ve recited the phone book for all that Yuugi cared. He arched his back and welcomed the intrusion. No, it wasn’t an intrusion, it was a reconnection. Passionate, aggressive, overwhelming and he couldn’t stop the rapid explosion of sensations, even if he wanted to. Yuugi clung to Atemu, his breathing out of control, his entire body out of control. He tugged at him, pulled at him to get even closer and when he was rolled onto his stomach, Yuugi tore at the sheets and muffled his cries, smothered them in the pillows.

His body decided for him, unable to withstand the onslaught and Yuugi bucked his hips, pushing back at Atemu and he gasped loudly, pressing his head into the pillows once again to suppress a loud cry as he came hard. It had been only a couple of minutes, he had lasted so short, the horniness ravaging and rampaging his body. He sagged on top of the bedcovers.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” he muttered in-between heavy gasps. Atemu pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades. Yuugi shivered from the sheer intensity. Usually he didn’t like to be on his stomach, he preferred to look his lover right in the eyes and kiss him, touch him… but right now he would do anything to feel Atemu inside him, no matter what or how. His body braced itself again and he moaned and grunted, his eyes closed as he let it all wash over him, reacting purely to physical instincts, and he smiled and gasped simultaneously, reveling in the attention and sensations.


It was an hour before dinnertime. Yuugi watched the numbers on his digital alarm clock change; another minute had gone by. His hand was on Atemu’s, who had draped his arm over his chest like he always did when spooning behind him. It was so comforting yet heartbreaking at the same time. Yuugi was happy to hear Atemu snoring softly, but their lovemaking had provoked all kinds of questions in his mind. He hadn’t thought for a second about Jounouchi. He had been so engrossed with Atemu that he had completely forgotten about the other man he loved. What was happening to him? What did this say about him, acting this way? Was he worth of Jounouchi’s love, if it was so easy to forget about him? He didn’t know what to do anymore. Yuugi tilted his head back as he heard a shift in Atemu’s breathing.

“Are you awake, mou hitori no boku?” he asked, using a very soft tone of voice. “We should get ready for dinner.”

His answer was a non-committal sound and another kiss between his shoulder blades. Its effect couldn’t be denied; Yuugi had to restrain himself from turning around and overwhelm Atemu with more kisses.

“You want to take a shower first?”

The same, non-committal sound answered him and Yuugi had to smile nonetheless. “You go first,” he decided, “I’ll clean up around here.”

“Alright,” Atemu mumbled and withdrew his arm, yawning and stretching. “What time is it?”

Yuugi told him. “Kaa-san has prepared an extra nice dinner for tonight. We shouldn’t be late.”
“Yes, you are right. We better get going.”

Yuugi rolled off the bed and waited for Atemu to leave for the bathroom. He took care of the mess they had made: clothes strewn all over the floor, the bed sheets in disarray… he wondered if they had been overheard. He was still busy making up the bed when a warm hand touched his shoulder and long, slender fingers trickled down his spine. Yuugi turned around and greeted Atemu enthusiastically with a kiss. He looked so sexy with nothing but a towel clinging to his hips and again, Yuugi had to forcefully restrain himself to not take the piece of fabric away. Atemu knew it, the look in his eyes spoke volumes. Something else hung in the air, too - invisible, intangible, but Yuugi could feel it. The touching was affectionate, kind and gentle, yet held a certain amount of… possessiveness in it. Atemu had never said out loud that Yuugi was ‘his’, their relationship was based on mutual equality, but now it seemed the balance had shifted. The trace of superiority in Atemu’s eyes made Yuugi feel uncomfortable. This wasn’t what he had hoped to reach. His breathing hitched a little when Atemu leaned into him and kissed him slowly on the lips.

“I am done with the shower,” he said, nipping at Yuugi’s bottom lip. “You should get clean too, aibou.”

“Y-yes, mou hitori no boku,” Yuugi said. He didn’t leave until Atemu had let go of him - he had put his hands on Yuugi’s hips while kissing him. As soon as his fingers slid off of his skin, Yuugi grabbed himself a towel and bolted for the bathroom. His mind was about to blow up. Could it be true that since he had returned home and Jounouchi was leaving, Atemu saw himself as the ‘victor’ of the situation? Did he want to show it off while using these intricate, delicate movements: just a touch here or there, showing that Yuugi was his after all? Yuugi swallowed heavily. Atemu wasn’t petty, was he? He could be quite stubborn and yes, he was known to hold a grudge… but petty, no, he wasn’t like that. Yuugi decided that he was simply reading too much into things. It just couldn’t be like this. However, it made him look even less forward to dinner, as it meant it was the last meal he shared with Jounouchi under this roof.


“I’ve taken some pictures for you to see.” Jounouchi handed his smartphone to Yuugi’s grandfather. It was an outdated model, but it worked just fine and the camera took great pictures. “My very own broom closet! How do you like it?”

“It’s… very small indeed, Jounouchi,” Sugoroku said, squinting his eyes at the picture.

“Two hundred and five square meters, all to myself,” Jounouchi said and grinned. “A one room studio, Internet included, and it has its own kitchen! Look, it even comes fully furnished.”

“A bed, a table and two chairs isn’t what I call ‘fully furnished’, Jounouchi-kun.” Yuugi’s mother sounded a little sad. “There’s no personal touch to it!”

“The kitchen has every appliance I need and I have storage room over my bed for my clothes and college stuff.” Jounouchi shrugged. “It’s well-maintained and clean, that’s all I ask for. Besides, I won’t be there much. With the handy and cheap meal plan at college, I’ll only be at my apartment to sleep.”

He didn’t have many belongings to begin with. Jounouchi had left the apartment building where he used to live with his father with one bag of clothes, study materials and some personal items, nothing more.

“Well, I’m going to get you a colorful rug and plants, and oh, a nice poster to put on your wall,” Yuugi’s mother said, determined. Atemu studied the pictures and the expression on his face was painfully neutral. He was seated next to Yuugi, opposite of Yuugi’s mother, while Sugoroku sat on the other side of his grandson, opposite of Jounouchi. The table was laden with dishes: takoyaki, curry rice with tonkatsu, karaage and kasutera cake for dessert. Much to Yuugi’s relief, the atmosphere had been quite amicable. Neither his mother nor Sugoroku had inquired about the details of Atemu’s days-long absence and they probably didn’t connect his return to Jounouchi leaving, but it was obvious that they were very happy to see him again and have him back in the household.

Atemu’s other hand rested against Yuugi’s, a gesture that didn’t escape Jounouchi’s attention. Yuugi himself barely dared to exchange looks with his best friend. He was sure that Jounouchi knew what had happened in the bedroom just before dinner and a wild, dark thought came up in his mind: perhaps Atemu had done so on purpose, in another way to lay claim on him. No! He wasn’t going to get paranoid, was he?

“Yuugi-kun, would you like some more karaage?” His mother didn’t await his answer but gave him another helping, while he hadn’t finished his previous one. “You too, Atemu-kun? You must eat well.”

Atemu pushed his bowl towards her and she heaped up the food. He handed the phone back to Jounouchi. “It looks well maintained indeed,” he said. “I am sure you will make the place your own, Jounouchi-kun.”

“Thank you,” Jounouchi said and pocketed his phone. Yuugi gauged his reaction. Were they both analyzing Atemu’s words and intonation? On the outside, the former Pharaoh enjoyed dinner and talked to everyone at the table. Yuugi didn’t know what was going on the inside, and it worried him. He never had any trouble reading Atemu before. You’re over thinking things too much, he told himself. The dinner came to an end and it was time to say goodbye. Jounouchi wanted to avoid any awkward situation and said: “Honda has invited me to stay over for the night. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m going to take him up on his offer.”

Yuugi could hear the pain behind his words. Yuugi’s mother had enjoyed Jounouchi’s presence and out of the blue hugged him, telling him that she would soon visit his new address to bring the rug, plants and poster. Sugoroku told him that he could always stop by and have dinner with the family. Atemu repeated Sugoroku’s words, adding that Jounouchi was always welcome, but there was not much warmth in his voice. Neutral, distant. Jounouchi thanked him for his hospitality and walked down the stairs with Yuugi, who was going to show him out.

“Thank you,” Jounouchi said. “For everything.”

“You’re very welcome, Jounouchi-kun,” Yuugi said. “Thank you, too.”

“Well, I guess we won’t be seeing each other for a while,” Jounouchi said, a little too lightly. “What are you going to do for your summer vacation?”

“I’ll be working at the Game Shop, mostly,” Yuugi said. “I also want to prepare for the third year, which is going to be even more grueling than last year. What about you?”

“I hope to find a summer job,” Jounouchi said. “It shouldn’t be a problem. They’re always asking for assembly line workers or construction workers. It’s all good, and I can build up some savings.”

Yuugi grabbed him at the arm. “Are you going to make it? Financially?”

“It’s going to be tight,” Jounouchi admitted. “I’m used to live as cheap as possible. I don’t want any of your money, Yuugi.”


“I want you,” Jounouchi whispered. “To be my partner, my lover, my everything. And no matter what, I still want Atemu too. Even if he does an impressive imitation of a refrigerator.”

“I’m sorry, I…”

“It’s okay.” Jounouchi ruffled his hair. “We…”

“Aibou,” Atemu’s voice came from upstairs, “would you come help us with the dishes?”

“Just a minute!” Yuugi hollered back. His cheeks colored.

Jounouchi withdrew his hand. “Your Pharaoh calls for you,” he said. “It’s best to not keep him waiting.”

“It’s not about those stupid dishes,” Yuugi said, almost desperate. “Jounouchi-kun, I…”

“I know. It’s okay,” he repeated. “I’m going now, but I’ll see you again at the start of the next academic year. I’m going to miss you, but who knows… maybe this break will do us good.”

“It’s not fair!” Yuugi whispered.

“I love you,” was all that Jounouchi said before hopping out of the door. Yuugi stared after him until he disappeared out of sight; only then he realized the tears streaming silently down his face.


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Jun. 22nd, 2017 06:13 pm (UTC)
This was both beautiful and heart-wrenching, especially near the end!
Jun. 22nd, 2017 09:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for reading and commenting, dear! There's going to be some more heartache and pain for the boys in the future...
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